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Underplaying Mental Health

I intended this to be a very frank and impersonal post about the importance of mental health and acknowledging its existence in both our own lives and of those we love, but even as I sit here to write this, I find myself constantly trying to find ways of underplaying my own mental state and… Continue reading Underplaying Mental Health

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Learning to Honour My Body

Having been on the larger side throughout the course of my life, I have never really known a time where my body hasn't been a topic of conversation. From the gentle "oh, you're looking... healthy" to the "well you obviously need to do something about that", I have pretty much heard it all. And you… Continue reading Learning to Honour My Body


Review: Our Souls at Night

Though it's always brimming with children running around, the local library is one of my favourite places to be. I try to squeeze in a trip at least once a month in order to actively take out some books to read for pleasure as opposed to academic interests and so far, 2017 has treated me… Continue reading Review: Our Souls at Night

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What keeps you up at night?

Hey folks, so this is just a quick heads up (think of it as a disclaimer of sorts) that this post is currently being written at 05:02 AM using dictation because I am bloody exhausted. Well, too exhausted to type coherently, but I feel like I just need to talk through a thing and get… Continue reading What keeps you up at night?

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Shamed into Shrinking

Having grown up in a pretty liberal household in terms of both culture and religion, it always comes as a deafening blow when I hear things from my extended family that perpetuate the shrinking of women to make space for the ever-growing ego of the man. Now, I know by the end of this sentence you're… Continue reading Shamed into Shrinking