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Honesty is the Best Policy

News of death always has a very sobering effect on the soul, even if it’s not of anyone who is of immediate importance to you. Tonight is no different. This ode is to the man who lived a life in the servitude of others. To the man whose death itself was an irony; death by… Continue reading Honesty is the Best Policy

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A Letter to Myself: You Are Not Fat

Through this letter to my younger self, I hope to share with you the pieces of advice I wish someone had given me all those years ago. To my younger self, Firstly, you are doing absolutely amazing, my love. You are 22 and guess what? Most of the things that felt like they mattered a… Continue reading A Letter to Myself: You Are Not Fat

Personal Updates

Underplaying Mental Health

I intended this to be a very frank and impersonal post about the importance of mental health and acknowledging its existence in both our own lives and of those we love, but even as I sit here to write this, I find myself constantly trying to find ways of underplaying my own mental state and… Continue reading Underplaying Mental Health