Personal Updates

Ramadan Planner

Growing up, there was a real disconnect between my spirituality and physical acts of worship because I really didn’t know where I was and who I wanted to be. But, the older I get, the more I realise that I want to be for others who I needed as a child. Part and parcel of being this person for me is definitely being able to create resources and opportunities that are accessible for all.

Personal Updates

Qur’an Journaling

By taking on these projects to explore elements of my faith and strengthen my understanding of Islam, I am allowing myself to understand the ways in which my faith has always complemented my life despite my resistance, and the ways in which it can guide me.

Personal Updates

Old Habits Die Hard

I've been very weary about making this PSA of sorts, but I am too exhausted by life as it is to not be honest about who I am and what I believe in, y'know? And I know, I know that I've always been very particular about vocalising certain elements of my faith and where I am in terms of my spirituality because I believe it is such a personal thing that doesn't need a public opinion on it, BUT I've changed my mind. My head is so much clearer and my heart so much softer, and I am genuinely content with the person I've become and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this has only been possible by the grace of my Lord.

Personal Updates

A Shifting Perspective

There's this feeling I can't really describe of being surrounded by people who love you enough to not force you to abandon parts of yourself to love them. They love you despite yourself and if anything, bring you so much closer to who you are by cultivating a space where you can just be. I am so grateful for my aunt and my grandmother who are, slowly but surely, bringing me back to myself.

Personal Updates

A Letter to Myself: You Are Not Fat

Through this letter to my younger self, I hope to share with you the pieces of advice I wish someone had given me all those years ago. To my younger self, Firstly, you are doing absolutely amazing, my love. You are 22 and guess what? Most of the things that felt like they mattered a… Continue reading A Letter to Myself: You Are Not Fat


Review: Our Souls at Night

Though it's always brimming with children running around, the local library is one of my favourite places to be. I try to squeeze in a trip at least once a month in order to actively take out some books to read for pleasure as opposed to academic interests and so far, 2017 has treated me… Continue reading Review: Our Souls at Night